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About Pegasus

Pain, the unpleasant feeling, everyone gets hundreds of the time in life. Pain has an impact on overall physical & mental well being. It affects our ability to work, enjoy life, relax & get sound sleep. Most of the time the pain is mild, short lived & dies its own death without any active effort. But the pain which is either acute & intolerable or chronic & not subsiding needs to be addressed by professionals. The first step is to find out the root cause of pain by way of clinical assessment and using various investigation modalities. Once the diagnosis is settled then it needs to be treated by concerned professional. Many times the dilemma for the person suffering from pain is where to go & who is the right professional for his/her pain.

In India usually the person has to run from one place to other & one professional to other for diagnosis & its treatment. It is largely because healthcare professionals failed to realise that “Pain management” is a very important sub-speciality which is left neglected & un-recognised . But now there is growing awareness among health professionals for urgent need of a comprehensive approach to pain management. Apart from individual suffering, the pain is a major cause of loss of trillions of work hours everyday thereby reducing the national productivity.

For the first time in North India & probably is the country we at “PEGASUS INSTITUTE OF PAIN MANAGEMENT & SPORTS INJURY” have tried to bring most of diagnostic & therapeutic facilities under one roof to facilitate seamless services in achieving the goal of relieving all types of somatic pains by non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques.