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Physiotherapy is the backbone of somatic pain management, Physiotherapy is a allied healthcare system that, by using evidence based kinesiology, electrotherapy shockwave modality, exercises, joint mobilization & muscle development, treats condition such as acute or chronic pain, soft tissue injuries, cartilage damage, arthritis, gait disorders & Physical impairments typically of musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neurological & endocrinological origin.


This is one of the most advanced & latest addition to the pain management modalities.

Shockwave therapy are the acoustic (sound)waves generated by the shockwave trigger biological effects which leads to faster & long term healing & regenerate tissue. Shockwave carries high energy to painful spots and myoskeletal tissues with subacute, subchronic and chronic conditions. The energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues. Shockwaves are characterized by jump change in pressure, high amplitude and non-periodicity. The Kinetic energy of the projective, created by compressed air, is transferred to the transmitter at the end of the applicator and further into the tissue. It is a multi-disciplinary device used in orthopedics, physiotherapy sports medicine & urology. Its main assists are fast pain relief & mobility restoration. Together with being a non-surgical therapy with no need/reduced need of pain killers makes it an ideal therapy to speed up recovery & cure various acute & chronic pains like :- Jumper’s Knee, Painful Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Heel Spur, Insertional Pain, Chronic Tendinopathy, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, Calcifications & Hip Pain.


Laser (Light Amplification by stimulated emission of Radiation) is non invasive device with high power upto 12 W. High Intensity Laser (HIL) technology is based on the well-known principle of low level laser therapy (LLLT). High power and choice of the right wavelength allow for deep tissue penetration. HIL offers powerful and non-addictive form of pain management. Through a natural process of energy transfer (biostimulation and photomechanical effect)it speeds up healing and regeneration. HIL is particularly effective in treatment of sport injuries, e.g muscle strain or joint distortion, and back pain caused by e.g. herniated disc or disorders in the cervical region causing neck pain.
The Source of laser beam in therapeutic high power lasers is typically a semiconductor diode capable of producing light of one specific wavelength (e.g.1064nm).Therapeutic lasers are defined by their power and wavelength. Wavelength is important as the ideal effects on human tissue are of light in the “therapeutic window” (approx 650- 1100nm).1064nm wavelength of the High Intensity.

Advantages of High Intensity laser are:-

Deeper & more pointed penetration into tissues, decreases pain faster, reduces swelling, increases blood flow, quicker & long lasting relief of pain may eliminate the need of surgery.


Cryo- air is highly-efficient cold air device generates cold air and blows the cooled air by long plastic tube to the areas to be treated. The device intakes the air and chills it down by a compressor to a minimum of – 32˚C. Cryo air is indicated for acute and chronic pain, muscle relaxation, reduce swelling, for muscle tightness and muscle strain, sports injuries, LBA, Painful shoulder etc.

Advantages of cold air over the conventional cold pack are:-

  • Quicker Pain Relief
  • Decreases the skin temperature Quickly
  • Less risk of skin burns
  • Constant dosage throughout the entire treatment time.
  • Constant cooling on specific pain areas
  • Airflow adjustable


Most Advanced technology in the industry with present protocols and encyclopedia. The combo-unit offers electrotherapy, Ultrasound and combination therapy in one single unit. The Combo unit is guidance based therapy with preset programs. Combo unit has separate electrotherapy, ultrasound module and combination module. The advantage of this unit is simultaneous application of ultrasound of with an electrical therapy. It is indicated for patients with any sports injuries, post-operative pain, Trigger points, Musculo skeletal pain, Neurogenic pain, muscle strengthening for muscular weakness, tendinitis etc.


Electrotherapy includes widest range of treatments by applying various type of electrical currents to patients body in order to reduce pain & swelling improve blood circulation for strengthening & stimulation of weak muscles. Most Advanced electrotherapy waveforms like Russian current/Kotz currents for reducing pain and increasing muscle strength, HVPC (High voltage pulsed currents) for healing and reducing muscle tightness. Interferential, TENS & micro current which can be applied over metal implants such as THR,TKR cases.


Ultrasound therapy (1 MHz- 3MHz)causes mechanical vibrations on skin and soft tissue via aqueous medium (Gel) cause heating or non-heating effects helps in reducing chronic pain and local swelling.


Mobilization with movement (MWM) manual therapy techniques were discovered & developed by Brain Mulligan from Newzealand This simple yet effective manual approach addresses musculoskeletal disorders with pain free manual joint “repositioning” techniques for restoration of function & abolition of pain.

This technique helps patients with pain, joint stiffness, positional fault and spinal problems. There is concept of (Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides’s), (Natural Apophyseal Glides’s), MWM, SMWLMs Spinal mobilization with limb movements. It gives quick relief in pain & improve joint range of motion.


Mckenzie Method of Medical diagnosis & therapy (MDT) is a internationally acclaimed method of assessment & treatment for spinal & extremely pain developed by Mr. Robin Mckenzie, a physiotherapy from New Zealand Now it is widely used across the globe since last three decades.

MDT clinicians are trained to assess and diagnose all areas of the musculoskeletal system. That means that if a problem exists in or around the spine, joint or muscle, an MDT evaluation may be appropriate.

MDT is a philosophy of active patient involvement and education that is trusted and used by clinicians and patients all over the world for back, neck and extremity problems. This approach continues to be one of the most researched physical therapy based methods available.

A key features is the initial assessment-a safe and reliable way to reach an accurate diagnosis and only then make the appropriate treatment plan. Expensive tests such as MRI’s are often unnecessary. Certified MDT clinicians are able to rapidly determine whether the method will be effective for each patient.

In its trusted sense, MDT is a comprehensive approach based on sound principles and fundamentals that, when fully understood and followed, is very successful.